Legal matters

The City has remarkably few Laws.

Those that study the city’s laws, individuals known as Advocates who reside primarily in Rast, divide their studies into two broad groups. The first and most contentious is the administration of what are called alternatively Laws or for clarity True Laws, dictates handed down from the city’s leaders in Brise, which apply to all districts. These are remarkably few and far between, and primarily concern themselves with limiting the ways in which the districts interact. The City has at various times flirted with a more authoritarian approach to what goes on within its walls: prohibiting and allowing specific substances, imposing city-wide curfews and making overtures at a planned economy. Each of these attempts has fallen apart, however, and the few True Laws that remain are generally considered common sense, except for a few.

The second set of laws recognized in the city are referred to as Bylaws, each of which only applies to a given district. Many Bylaws cross districts, with only small permutations among them. For the most part, citizens do not wildly travel between districts, and those that do trade or travel on any frequent basis are the only ones familiar with more than one set of Bylaws. All districts have some manner of law enforcement, though the type and strength varies depending on the given Bylaws. Usually, Bylaws are codified to an almost absurd complexity, impossible to follow for anyone short of an Advocate. Most citizens of a given district are familiar with their most common implementations, if not their more esoteric specifics.

True Laws
  • War between districts is criminal.
  • To hold a citizen against their will is criminal.
  • Willful destruction of buildings or building materials is criminal.
  • Murder of citizens is criminal.
  • Criminals are not citizens.

Bylaws by District


Periad’s Bylaws are called Prohibitions. All of them outline penalties for specific behaviors, with infractions varying by severity. Periad is widely considered to have one of the most flexible and approachable legal systems in The City. Its laws are decided by the district’s leaders in Brise. The enforcers of the laws are called Inspectors, and generally rank themselves in a manner similar to old-world armies.

Prohibitions of Materials
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may steal food for which they have not fairly traded or worked, save in the circumstance that they should be securing their own health and livelihood, and even then only when they do not deny the same to their victim.
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may possess cherry wood, nor walnut, in furniture or decoration larger than a hand’s breadth.
    For these crimes, recompense.
  • No citizen of Periad may possess a weapon whose force is sufficient to breach a home by its door, when that door is securely closed and barred.
    For this crime, confiscation.
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may import, without inspection, goods that were created or shipped through the district of Dramanaks.
    For these crimes, blood and suffering.
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may steal building materials, or poison earth, or by any means magical or mundane render the city less inhabitable through waste, virulence or rot.
    For these crimes, Criminality as precursor to death.
  • No citizen of Periad may, through the construction of their home, business or residency there, deprive another of their own home or business, or through the vertical construction of their home cause the collapse and end of another building, be that construction above or below the streets of Periad.
    For these crimes, Periad declares its perpetrators Criminal.
  • In all other cases of theft, citizens of Periad are given to the mercy of the Inspectors for all punishments up to blood and suffering, but not including Criminality, which requires consent from an Advocate of Rast.
Prohibitions of Individuals
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may, having committed a crime in another district and being duly punished for it, enter Periad without admitting to the nature of that crime and its associated punishment, and throw themselves upon the mercy of the Inspectors for entry.
    For this crime, extradition or criminality as precursor to death.
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may, being of sufficient size or danger to buildings or individuals, enter the streets of Periad or move about them without appropriate and reasonable accomodation for their nature. No exemption is to be made for movements taken in emergencies.
    For this crime, Periad declares its perpetrators Criminal.
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may attempt to bury, nor burn, nor in any other way dispose of a corpse, once it has been found, and must instead offer the corpse to the carts, to be interred in Rast, for the good of the city, and so that development of the district is not interrupted by the disposal or exhumation of corpses.
    For this crime, recompense to the city, or blood and suffering.
Prohibitions of Behaviors
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may lay hand, nor tool, nor any appendage or part of their body, upon the body of another citizen, except in the reasonable course of transport, or camaraderie, or affection, in private.
    For this crime, blood and suffering at first offense, for all others review of citizenship.
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may be outside their residence, or a public house with reasonable accomodation or otherwise mobile and active in the streets engaged in any sort of business or travel, between mid-night and an hour before first light. Violation of this curfew is not permitted for physical disability.
    For this crime, temporary Criminality, suspended at first light.
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may attempt to circumvent in any way the walls between districts, nor engage in any behavior that would create a bridge, or tunnel, or contrivance by any means to facilitate transport between districts, nor knowingly use such a contrivance to circumvent these barriers.
    For this crime, Periad declares its perpetrators to be Criminals.
  • No citizen of Periad or The City may engage in behavior that, by the judgement of the Inspectors, might lead to another crime, or to encourage or suggest that a citizen commit a crime, or in any way knowingly enable a citizen or criminal to commit any crime.
    For this crime, blood and suffering, for repeated offenses: Criminality.
  • Citizens of Periad or The City so named by the Administrators of Periad, residing in Brise, may hold the title of Inspector and with it all its associated responsibilities and privileges, the responsibility to uphold laws and enforce them and their consequences, as well as the privilege of ignoring, in the course of following that duty, the laws that might interfere with its enacting, excepting those that are not purely the bylaws of Periad, but rather the laws of The City.


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