The letter had come without warning or comment, that the last of the adventurers had struck out for The Edge. Hopefully the last hero would save all of them from its approach. He did not return.

No More Heroes

“Adventurer” is a bit of an outdated profession.

Without a frontier for monsters to appear from, lost continents to explore or buried treasures to quest after, adventurers are practically extinct. Those that survived the inflow towards The City folded themselves into other professions, and in the adaptable way that adventurers do, thrived, but rarely killed again. Many faded into obscurity, still others built organizations in The City that were in their name, rose to be leaders of districts and governors of men. Their treasures lay on shelves and in vaults, not suited to the troubles of the modern era. Adventurers no longer exist.

Or, perhaps, they need to be redefined.


The Eight Crimes of The Iconodules Zeral