On The Edge

Few people remember the time before The City, when the world was governed by a host of nations and there was land to spare for those that had the strength and knowledge to brave the frontier. Now the world is collapsing, and all the races that once fragmented and warred have come to The City, the last great refuge for sentience and the only place they are safe from The Edge. Now, divided into districts that still fight bureaucratically rather than physically for the dwindling resources the world still contains, the various races of the world have to live within sight of the apocalypse just outside their walls.

Idols and Icons

People are packed together closer than they have ever been. Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t snap and raise their hand against their neighbor. The reasons are countless, but always come back to the same source: not enough room. Never enough room. People build upward, but materials are scarce, and those that have them hoard them jealously. Wealth pools as it always does: in vertical Monuments to its possessor’s power. Great minds try to solve the puzzles that come from having the entire world jammed in one expansive canton, gathering as Researchers to contemplate solutions. On the streets, the people look up to Idols, individuals with magical gifts, whose unpredictable reputation makes them wanted as frequently as they are revered.

Crime and Peace

With each district holding its own laws, its own customs and its own races, barely avoiding war by the grace of the Peace Bells, crime is a difficult affair in The City. Men and women (and sometimes stranger entities) investigate and make arrests based on local provisions, codified in the Bylaws of each district. The job attracts the desperate, who seeking revenge for crimes they have witnessed, agree to fall into the service of The City. Still others, idealistic or cynical, serve of their own free will. With the abolition of true Adventurers, only those working for the city are given free leave to travel between districts in pursuit of justice, so long as they do not grow so famous as to become Idols themselves.


If the thought of living in a doomed world does not worry you overmuch, perhaps you are exactly what The City needs. There are small crimes to be investigated, and large crimes to be discovered. The world may be ending, but there are still meaningful choices left to be made. Strangely, those responsible for making those choices would come together in the Periad Inspectors.