The Rules

“This is insane. You can’t institute a policy that gives sweeping dictatorial powers to a small organization. Especially one tasked with both defending itself and enforcing their own laws.”

“Why not? It’s what the orcs are used to. Each district needs different standards. It’ll work. I’ll keep an eye on it.”

“You say that about a lot of things.”

The first and third Iconodules

The Rules of Kelasho rarely stay the same for more than a year.

Gorzak, the current Enforcer Prime for the district, and the individual tasked with proposing and implementing new Rules, likens the job to working spinning clay. Not enough pressure and the whole thing will fall apart, spilling out of its shape, too much and you’ll crush it. He is quick to add that ‘crushing it’ in this case means killing everyone in the district and just sitting on the pile of corpses, in case someone might confuse him for some sort of nancy ‘artist’. Even veteran Enforcers aren’t totally sure when Gorzak is kidding.

Kelasho’s laws, known as Rules, are implemented by the Enforcer Prime, generally to deal with a specific problem that is getting out of hand in the district. For this reason they are often made up as soon as that problem emerges, sent off to Brise for review, and once vetted turned around and made law within a twenty-four hour period. Sometimes they get posted in public spaces before they are actually made law, but nobody has had the poor survival sense to complain about that, or, frankly, the ability to find out that’s even the case. A Rule hasn’t failed vetting for years.

For the most part, the current Rules are used to limit behaviors and materials that have been proved detrimental to the balance of inter-clan conflict. Owing to the simplicity of Kelasho, The Rules are short, sweet, and their interpretation is left up to Enforcers in the field.

No Advocate of Rast has set foot in Kelasho for several decades. Most Enforcers prefer it that way.

The Rules

(It should be noted some rules come with additional commentary, generally added after the fact by an annoyed Enforcer.)

Concerning True Laws
  • The True Laws are still enforced.
  • If you want to break down or rebuild a wall, do it when Enforcers aren’t around.
  • If someone wants to leave your Clan, you can’t kill them for it. Let them go.
  • If the Enforcers call someone Criminal, they’re fair game.
  • Only Enforcers choose who can leave the district. No tunnels. No catapults.
Concerning Conflict
  • If you carry a weapon, you’re willing to fight.
  • If you don’t have a weapon, stay out of it.
  • If you have a weapon, you don’t mind dying. That’s not murder.
  • If your advantage is more than five to one, it’s murder. This does not apply to the Daizeki at the moment.
  • If they run, you gotta let them go. No kill-boxes.
Concerning Weapons
  • No Poison.
  • No spreading disease.
  • No weapons that spread through walls. For clarification, Sha, this includes cold.
Concerning Food
  • No fighting within a hundred meters of a food drop.
  • Enforcers have keys to the drop.
  • Picking locks on a drop, casting additional keys, stealing keys or stealing a drop means we’re going to kill you. I am done being lenient on this. No sob stories, just execution.
Concerning Specific Factions
  • All Rules apply to Idols. I’m surprised we need to clarify this. An Idol is always considered armed. Same for mages.
  • Nobody touches Researchers.

The Rules

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