The Purification Plant

“It was the Second that stole her heart, but the First that broke it.”

It was a brilliant idea.

Plans were drawn up in Adladom. Simple versions of the design were tested in Periad, Kelasho and Avadeen. It worked.

A purification plant that would sit at the end of the Dramanaks’ stretch of the river, converting the tainted water into drinkable, usable supply. The Researchers assigned to the task were assigned brutal hours, incredible resources from Brise and Jamali, and access to spells that were only rarely seen in The City. It rose nearly overnight, the construction taking only less than a year. For a while, clean water flowed into Dramanaks, and people thought that at least one of their diseases would be gone.

It wasn’t even weeks before someone destroyed it all.

The public blames a rogue Idol that was operating in the district during that period, but in truth she had nothing to do with it. There is a reason that the Purification Plant no longer functions, and it is the same reason that the Cult-Hunters of Rast have such a presence in the southern district.

Now the Purification Plant sits in the quarantined zone of the district. When the Peace Bells rang in Kelasho, and the Inspectors faced down Lee atop the district, the Walls of Dramanaks shifted for the first time in decades, enveloping the quarantined area permanently in their blackish stone. Now only one small exit exists, and no-one is allowed to pass through that portion of the district, which locals claim has been completely overrun by disease, hostile ooze and the tiny number of humans foolish enough to ignore the quarantine and be trapped inside when the walls moved.

All that is certain is that the water that flows from Dramanaks into the docks and therefore the ocean, is still diseased.

The Purification Plant

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