The Clans

Though most of the original eighteen clans are gone, a few survive, and a great deal of newcomers have managed to carve out a piece of Kelasho.

Greater Clans

The Kralethi

“You claim to be immune to pain, human. You claim to be an idol. You claim many things, including that you will kill me when you escape. I do not tell you the following to cause you pain. I tell you so that when your twisted spirit finds some new host, in some other district, you will remember that it was the Kraleth that took your head from its body. If you are lucky, you will hold the answers I seek in your skull. If you are not, I will see you again, no doubt, in some other incarnation.”
Kraleth, Warlord and Warlock-Queen

The Kralethi are the least numerous of the Greater Clans, holding only a series of tall towers in the far northwest of Kelasho, on the upper floors. Though they do not hold an entire floor in their control, and often need to negotiate with other Clans for their food and other supplies, the Kralethi have an economic and physical stranglehold on the use of magic in the district. If one of the clans suddenly recieves a shipment of wands, an exotic new potion that drives their warriors into a killing frenzy, or an unnaturally warped warrior whose blood is laced with some unnatural power, the Kralethi were certainly involved. Their warlock-queen, Kraleth, is an intensely scarred Grey Orc who is rumored to keep monsters sealed away in her towers, bleeding them for the ingredients she uses in her magic and keeping them half-alive with that same fell power. The Kralethi are secretive and not numerous, but have earned their right to the Greater Clan title merely through the power they have brought to bear against those that have challenged them, including a field of icy, black tendrils that ripped apart a dozen hardened warriors in a display that is still whispered about to this day.

Lesser Clans

Shavraythali (Shavray, or just “The Sha”

“I had not thought it would go like this, sister, but I am glad. This is the best life we could have hoped for, if the Exodus would not have us. Among our people we were exiles. We are exiles no longer. We are home.”

The other Clans are frequently frustrated with the obstinate nature and good fortune of the Shavraythalai. Early in the district’s history, a massive fire lead to the one and only (known) use of the city’s defense against uncontrollable firestorms. The result of that defense was a chunk of the central, southern Kelasho district being permanently frozen. Poor communication between the parties involved in making the decision to freeze the district means that water had already been deployed (ineffectively) to fight the fires. These freezing, expanding hallways of water cracked walls and buried entire rooms (drowned inhabitants included) in snow and beautiful, glittering ice. Though a few cursory attempts were made to reclaim the unnaturally frozen sector, they were mostly unsuccessful until the Shavrathali twins appeared. The ice-elf twins that would become the leaders of their nascent clan set to the work of building homes and tunnels in the ice, tunnels now rife with traps and slippery dead-ends. It is said that the Shavraythalai even have tunnels that lead out of the district, and a vast, hidden ice mine where they seek the source of the ancient inferno that claimed Kelasho. An inferno that rumor says wasn’t killed by the ice, merely buried.

Minor Clans


Vee stopped with his hand on the secret door, not yet pushing the stone hinges inward to the usually abandoned hallway beyond. Keeping the door closed barely helped, though. He could smell death, though if it was an actual corpse or merely one of the Cordys he couldn’t say. Carefully, slowly, he slid the stone door open far enough so that one eye could see who was shifting in the passage beyond. There it was, probably half-orc at one point, but the sickening, fungal growth that grew like a hunch on the creature’s back meant that it was lost to whatever species it once had. The Cordys wasn’t the source of the smell however. It was merely dragging off the corpse that one of the Clans’ skirmishes had left behind, probably some new warrior that crawled in this back space to die. Good. If the Cordys had smelled that bad, Vee considered he would already have been dead.

All districts have their lowest class, and Kelasho is no exception. The Cordys fill that role, and the other clans tolerate their existence and shuffling about on the grounds of pity, disgust or genuine nausea. The Cordys are unhygienic to say the least, mostly because the clan is widely distinguished by the lumpy, fungal growths that its members cultivate on their bodies. Cordys spend most of their time hauling off refuse, especially organic refuse, including corpses, and formulating rumors about what they do with all that junk is practically the district past-time. Rumors range from secret trade agreements with Rast to growing mushrooms on the corpses to the corpses actually being the new members of the Cordys. Nobody is totally sure why anyone would join this disguisting clan, except maybe for their excellent job security, or the fact they are said to deal in the hallucinogenic herb known as Skribbane.

The Clans

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