Refay Shiel


Refay Shiel

True Neutral Blackscale Lizardfolk Barbarian and Traffic Inspector

Hatched somewhere in the tunnels under the city, home mostly to dwarves and malcontent humans from the surface who have been declared criminals, Refay probably should have ended up a thug in some lesser gang, entertained a brief notoriety for some skill at violence, and then died after making a minor mistake. Instead, she clawed her way (quite literally) out of the sewers and caverns under The City and into the light, living for a time as a porter before drafting herself into the role of a Traffic Inspector. Rather than standing on street corners and directing pedestrians, Traffic Inspectors are those who directly intervene in traffic violations. In Periad, these ‘violations’ are generally creatures too large for the street who may cause damage to buildings. Refay is a diligent Inspector, if not the brightest one, not prone to gathering evidence or forensics, but very capable of running down criminals she has caught in the act, and beating them into submission with her bare claws. In the southwest contingent she is generally called on in situations where violence is anticipated or expected. She is not popular in the district.

Inspector Role

As a Traffic Inspector, Refay has a great deal of diplomatic, combat and personal experience with the non-humanoid citizens of the city. It is mere fact that the city is host to a great number of these denizens, and they are far more likely to trust the black-scaled lizardfolk woman than any of the humanoid creatures in her entourage. Despite not having any real persuasive social skills, Refay is (somewhat paradoxically for a barbarian) quite skilled with languages and more than willing to serve as translator, despite rarely knowing what to say in the often heated situations that come up in her duties. Her fury is well known, especially among the citizens of the district, and she is considered a case example of why perhaps the bylaw that exempts Periad’s inspectors from many of their own rules is poorly conceived. Refay’s approach to most crimes is to walk towards the place she thinks the perpetrator is and wait for someone to attack her.


Refay is a barbarian of the unarmed, brawler subtype. Because of her natural weapons and armor, she can operate with minimal equipment and excels at grappling and subduing opponents, as well as dealing subdual damage to knock out opponents. She is a phenomenal combat presence, but most of her skill set is focused towards raw damage and controlling opponents, not, strictly speaking, survival. With allies to distract her enemies, or magic to pin them down, Refay can start at one end of a mob of foes and turn it quickly into a pile of groaning men clutching their stomachs and groins, wishing she had just killed them outright.

Who should play Refay?

Play Refay if you like to deal steady damage and overpower your opponents. Play Refay if you like to throw your weight around, socially and physically, intimidating people who try to deceive you and knocking over, throwing, stunning and ultimately killing those that attack you directly. Play Refay if you prefer to, just by remaining silent and being present, terrify criminals into making mistakes or confessing outright. As a master of languages, Refay will sometimes become aware of things that her peers do not even recognize are being discussed.


The Destiny System gives characters access to unique goals, contacts and abilities that they have hidden from the other party members. These secrets guide much of the action of the campaign, and can present some of the most impressive mechanical abilities when they come into play.

  • She Who Fights Monsters
  • Blackscale
  • The World Will Never See Its Kind Again

Refay Shiel

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