Percival Leroux

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Percival Leroux

Lawful Good Urbanized Elf Paladin and Lesser Idol of Serenity

Percival has memories of a place and time before The City, where he was justice incarnate in a forest, empowered by a deity whose name he cannot remember, and whose word was law because it was trusted by whatever ear it fell upon. That divine providence and power has left him, though, and from the depths of Periad’s streets, he has only glimmers and scraps of the power he once commanded in service to the law. Percival leads the Inspectors out of loyalty to that lost world. He is notorious on the streets, a steady hand that does not feel fear and, at least in terms of intimidation, is wholly incorruptible. Men like Percival are becoming increasingly rare in the modern era. Elves that delve too deeply into their memories and start to piece together the events that lead up to The City’s creation tend to go missing, after all.

Inspector Role

As Captain of the the Inspectors, Percival has official rank over any other player character, meaning in terms of the Periad Inspectors’ organization, he must be obeyed within reason and within the law. When approaching crimes, Percival tends to delegate rather than engage directly, and likes to have a flexible party at his back, which allows him to focus on keeping them in line and watching his party for the corruption that tends to sink into those that spend too much time on the bleak streets of The City. Percival, due to his long memory and serene focus in the face of many objectives, tends not to forget crimes, and is most capable of doggedly pursuing even minor offenses that others would overlook. He is more by-the-book than most other characters.


As a paladin, Percival begins with the most advanced equipment in the party. Unable to benefit from much of his natural elf dexterity due to his heavy armor, Percival tends to overpower his opponents with layer upon layer of spells, only charging once he has a considerable advantage. At his best in close quarters, such as indoors or against opponents that are slow or cannot escape, Percival excels at long fights, using his intrinsic magic as an Idol to sustain himself. With the ability to heal and support himself, Percival can often survive in positions that would give other characters issue to tackle alone.

Who should play Percival?

Play Percival if you want to consistently be the good guy. Play him if you want to be very comfortable in combat, capable of surviving where other characters would run out of resources or options. Percival has no situation in which he truly excels, but his ability to keep the pressure on opponents with tenacity and an intrinsically high base power level can open up massive opportunities for other members of the party to fulfill their specialist roles with a minimum of interference. Play Percival if you want to take weaker, more vulnerable characters under your wing and see everyone else excel.


The Destiny System gives characters access to unique goals, contacts and abilities that they have hidden from the other party members. These secrets guide much of the action of the campaign, and can present some of the most impressive mechanical abilities when they come into play.

  • “Damn Rookies”
  • Who We Were
  • Partner, Brother, Friend

Percival Leroux

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