Navion Dran’ammir

The Dreamer, Ruler of The City

Early in the history of The City, a ruler emerged from the dozens of councils pulled together, comprised of the races that survived the great inward migration from the hundreds of nations that once comprised the world. Navion Dran’amir, a half-elf by birth, was a charismatic sort, claimed to be somewhat of an adventuring bard in his youth, but had retired into public service by the time The Edge appeared. Distinguishing himself among the migratory councils through his shrewd command of a meeting room and excellent sense of how different races will react when mixed. It was Navion that proposed the idea of one united city with many districts, turning to aid from a cadre of wizards (who later formed The Researchers) in order to raise the walls and create the Peace Bells, bringing an end to the longstanding conflicts that had plagued the inward migration. With such powerful tools at his disposal, The Dreamer quickly produced a plan to ensure brisk communication between the districts aided by bards he had recruited or trained personally from a dozen races. These translators became absolutely vital to a successful integration of any district, and more importantly: to communicate and trade between the districts (which often lacked the means to produce one or more vital resources. This quick action and great humility lead to even the noble, airborne creatures that populated Brise to accept Navion as a passable authority for the city, capable of commanding and reforming the city’s institutions as he saw fit to facilitate better cooperation between districts and minimize authoritarian conflict between local leaders.

Ergis D’vit, “A Textbook on Modern Civics”


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