The Skyline

Monuments dominate their districts, and each district contains at least one. They are often under control of district authority, but some, like Dramanaks’, operate as entirely separate entities of their own. Each district contains one Monument, colossal buildings that can contain hundreds of individuals. Brise is the only exception to this even distribution, containing three Monuments. Usually, only those that work or live inside the Monuments are privy to what goes on inside each, but rumor and hearsay mean that stories have cropped up about each.

Monuments are detailed as districts are entered.

Periad: The Stilts

Its name a vague pun on the fact that the Monument is raised on massive timber beams, the Stilts are a multi-level wooden building best described as a ‘chamber’. In practice, the wooden parts are just support, scaffolding and maintenance space for the countless copper stills that fill and twist through the heart of the structure, carrying liquids in various states of boiling and cooling. The purpose of the building is distillation, and as the single largest source of distilled liquids (primarily alcohol), it is arguably the most valuable structure in the entirety of Periad. When the Idol Ongor and his followers began to raid Periad between bell-rings, Brise mustered a squad of elite guards for the Stilts, but made no move to defend the rest of the district.


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