Party loot items are listed on this page (or items that have not been distributed to a PC).

  • All assets will be liquidated to gold if not claimed.
  • At the end of the session gold will be split 40%-60% party-player, with the remaining 60% split between present characters.
  • Should a character need an item they cannot pay for out of pocket, gold can be requested for the purchase, but otherwise gold will be used for party purchases (healing, lightstones, etc.).

Color Codes:

Red – Used

Gold – Sold, gold

Blue – Claimed

1 / 6 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Orb of Soothing Mist HostilTwin Sewers
Marach’s Ledger Marach’s Corpse
Vendal’s Journal Vendal’s Raid
Ring of Sustinance Marach’s Corpse 8,000 gp No eating, 2hr sleep
Cloak of Repose Sewers
Kelling’s Spear Sewers
Remaining Wealth: 2,043 gp.

1 / 13 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Circlet Roost 1,500 gp
Platinum Pieces x 25 Roost 2,500 gp
Leather Chain Mail Armor Roost ??? Given to Kallen
Serrated Blade Roost ???
Haste Potion Roost ???
Tapestries Roost 1,000 gp each
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (x2) Leix 300 gp Given to Lin
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50c) -850 gp
Leather Armor +1 Vendal 1,000 gp
Weapon cache Given to Gammond 4,000 gp
Wand of Ray of Enfeeblement (30c) Given to Lin
Wand Chill Touch (30c) Given to Voke
Gold collected this session 2500+4000+1500+1000=9000, 3600 to party, 900 to everyone else.

1 / 20 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Gold Fight one 212 gp
Gold Fight two 60 gp
Ashren’s Headband 5/- Fire Res. 6,000 gp
2 Pearls of Power (lvl 1) Secret Chest 1,000 gp each
Gold From Gammond 8,000 gp

1 / 27 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Green Cloak of Protection Aniconist Temple 2,000 gp +1 AC, Lin
Amulet of Health +2 Aniconist Temple +2 Constitution, Lin
Longbow of Focus +1 The Beak +4 to Concentration
Golem Green Stone 9,000 gp

2 / 3 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Rapier +1 Gammond (Brass basket Hilt) +1 to Reflex saves, Voke
Chain Shirt +1 Gammond Voke
Cloak of Protection +1 Gammond Anis
Boots of Dexterity +1 Gammond Kallen
Ring of Sleight of Hand (+5 Sleight of Hand) Gammond Uta
Quarterstaff +1 of Impact Stell (19-20/x2 Crits) Anis
Scale Mail +1 Stell 800 gp Sold
Ring of Resistance +1 Stell
Chameleon Cloak Stell Voke
Wand of Charm Animal (40 Charges) Stell Kallen
Gold (Alchemist Fire) 2,000 gp
Stipend 10,000 gp
Total GP : 12,800. Party Share: 5,120. party Share 7,680. Per Person (5 ways): 1,536

2 / 17 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Chain Shirt Dandar Orc 42 gp Sold to Bran
Large Wooden Shield of Bashing +1 Dandar Orc 2,000 gp Sold to Bran
Amethyst Dagger Researcher Crate Given to Uta
Gold Dandar Orcs 600 gp
Total GP: 2,000 + 600 + 42 = 2642. Party Pool: 1057. Player Wallets: 1585/6= 264 each. The weird two gold remainders from division were put in party funds.

2 / 24 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Leather Armor +1 Syndicate 2000 gp
Braid of Strength Syndicate Refey
Greasy Shirt +1 Syndicate Given to Lin (+5 to Escape Artist)
Scroll Tube (Slow) Syndicate
Money Syndicate

Totals: 9130gp total,3652 to party, 1095 gp to each player.

3 / 03 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Bone Scroll Tube (x3) Ambassador’s Chamber Given to Anis.
Pimp Cup Lord Gran’s room 3,500 gp
Letter Vethen’s room Click here to read.
Coins (x20) Vethen’s room 1,238gp
Boreal Bastard Sword +1 (1d4 Frost) Vethen’s room Unclaimed.
Platinum Coins (x20) Govak’Mal room 2,000 gp
Full Plate +1 Lord Proteus’ room Given to Percy
Masterwork Long Spear Lord Proteus’ room 350 gp
Gloves of Dexterity +2 Side room to Gate Given to Kallen.
Full plate Orc Lord’s corpse 350 gp

Total GP: 3,500 + 1,238 + 1,200 + 350 + 350 – 300 (identified three items) = 7138. Party Pool: 2861. Player Wallets: 4283/6= 713 each. The weird six gold remainders from division were put into the party pool total.
tl;dr, 713 in your character’s pocket.

3 / 10 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (x2) Sha Crossbowmen Unclaimed.
Bolt of Frost(x6) Sha Crossbowmen Given to Kallen. (1d6 Frost damage)
Snow Flower Sha Stronghold 1,000 gp Sold to Leix.
Ring of Protection +2 Gift from Nashus Given to Percy.
Gold Ingot (x2) Dandarak Warchest 2,500 gp each
Boots of Tumbling Dandarak Warchest Given to Voke. (+5 to Tumble)

Total GP: 5,000 + 1,000 – 200 (identified two items) = 5800. Party Pool: 2320. Player Wallets: 3480/6= 580 each.
tl;dr, 580 in your character’s pocket.

3 / 17 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Razerfang Sha Depths Intelligent; +2 Flaming longsword. Claimed by Percy.
Scroll of Bull’s Strength Sha Library 150 gp Given to Anis.
Scroll of Find Traps Sha Library 150 gp Given to Anis.

Total GP: -300 taken from party loot to compensate the Dandarak for taking the two scrolls that they had originally claimed.

5 / 5 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Masterwork Melee Weapon Bran’s workshop Everyone gets one.

Total GP: 4,000 + 90 = 4,090. Party Pool: 1636. Player Wallets: 2454/6= 409 each.

5 / 12 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Quiver Periad’s Temple 5 arrows in it!
Cloak of Fortification Periad’s Temple Claimed by Uta.
Ruby Stag Statuette Periad’s Temple In Lin’s pocket.
Potion Belt Periad’s Temple Claimed by Voke.
Kraleth’s Spellbook Kraleth’s…place Claimed by Anis.
Robes of Minor Acid Resist +2 Kraleth’s body Claimed by Anis.
Hereditary Court Book Kraleth’s Library Put in the armory.

Total GP: -1350 from party gold to buy 3 vials of Silver Oil.

5 / 19 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
+1 Shocking Jambiya Brise Agent Claimed by Uta.
Belt of Focus Ladrigal Hearth (Jee) +4 Concentration. Claimed by Anis.
Boots of Reflex +2 Ladrigal Hearth (Kel) +2 Reflex. Claimed by Lin.
Floppy Hat of Intellect Ladrigal Hearth(Takus) +2 INT. Claimed by Anis.
Bracers of Armor Brise Agent +3 Armor AC. Claimed by Lin.
Potion of Invisiblity Researcher’s bedroom In armory.
Linked Rings of Shielding Researcher’s bedroom 1/day, only one wearer can cast Shield Other on the other. If either drops below 20%, ability activates automatically. Claimed by Voke and Lin.
Gold Agents, Ladrigal 3,800 gp
Platinum (50 pieces) Lucieva 5,000 gp

Total GP: 8,800. Party Pool: 3520. Player Wallets: 5280/6= 880 each.

7 / 21 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Potion of Cure Moderate wands 300gp Evenria
Ring of Vanishing 7000gp Voke
Large steel shield +1, +2 to reflex saves 2200gp Percival
Halberd +1 4310gp Refay
50/50 wand of magic missiles, lvl 1 750gp
Assorted Gold and art 4000gp

Total GP: 4000. Party Pool: 1600. Player Wallets: 400 each.

7 / 28 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
15 freshly minted Adladom platinum coins 1500gp
Potion of Acid Resistance Lin
Potion of Fox’s Cunning Lin
Unidentified green potion Lin
Hypathia’s journal wrapped in wax paper Evidence closet

Total GP: 1500. Party Pool: 600. Player Wallets: 225 each.

8 / 4 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Stone box of gold 750gp
Staff of Stability When wielded, automatically stabilizes an ally within 60 ft. Given to Lin.
Whole Heart of Jamali Percival has it now…
Heavy Crossbow +1 Entangle 1/day. Comes with 6 flaming bolts, 6 frost bolts.
Given to Kallen.
Longsword +1 Put in the armory.
Blue Stone Opens one security layer in purification plant.
40 platinum coins 4000gp Mercenary reward from Spencer and Colt.
Identify costs -200gp Identified crossbow and longsword.
Hearts of Jamali Fictional literature.
Traffic Lizard vs. the Idol of Hate Fictional literature.
Total GP: 6350. Party Pool: 2460. Player Wallets: 615 each.

8 / 11 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Wand of Cure Light -750 gp Carried by Evenria.
3 Greater Tanglefoot Bags Resident Researchers Given to Evenria, Uta, Kallen.
Potion of Bull’s Strength Given to Refay.
Potion of Stoneskin Given to Lin.
1 Gold Ingot 1000 gp MANEH.
7 Gold Coins 7 gp Rof’s (?) corpse.
Heart of Jamali Purification Floor Given to the plant.
Aniconist Artifacts Purification Floor Antler, horn, feather. In evidence closet.
Total GP: 1007. Party Pool: 407. Player Wallets: 100 each.

9 / 15 / 2013
Object Location GP Value Notes
Diamonds! William’s Residence 2500 gp Under Melodia’s statue.
Vials of Disease William’s Residence Given to Hypathia Colt and Gail Spencer.
Correspondance Papers William’s Residence Details who William Edagon contacted.
Total GP: none!

3 / 16 / 2014
Object Location GP Value Notes
25 lbs of Masterwork Steel Tools Bitter Trench ??? gp
Spindle of silver thread Market Stall ??? gp
Spindle of gold thread Cloth Shoppe ??? gp
Scroll of Improved Invisibility Bank Vault ??? gp
Gold Small Chest in Vault 2000 gp
Ivory Wand Small Chest in Vault ??? gp Unidentified.
Small Chest ^^ ??? gp
Star Sapphire Starry-eyed Dwarf ??? gp Clutched in his hand.
Journal Miner’s Guild ??? gp Dwarf foreman Pallen’s.
3 Green Gems Bar Office 500 gp each “The Bitter Gems,” emeralds.
Gold Bar Office 200 gp
Total GP: 2200 gp. Party Pool: 880 gp. Player's Wallets: 1320/5= 264 gp per player.
Unable to identify and sell things while underground, so that's it.

2 / 01 / 2015
Object Location GP Value Notes
5 Star Sapphires Starry-eyed Dwarves ??? gp One destroyed in combat (bad idea).
Velvet Cushion Box in infernal rune circle ??? gp Percy has it.
Dwarven Coins Bitter Trench 1300 gp
Unidentified Potion Aquasmith’s Office ??? gp Orange liquid, has a lead stopper.
Dwarven Coins Aquasmith’s Office 500 gp
Unidentified Scroll Soggy Records Room ??? gp Taken by Anis.
Unidentified Helmet Aquasmith’s Office ??? gp Sturdy, made of steel and brass plate.
Total GP: 1800 gp. Party Pool: 720 gp. Player's Wallets: 1080/6= 180 gp per player.
Unable to identify and sell things while underground, so that's it.

3 / 21 / 2015
Object Location GP Value Notes
+2 shocking quarterstaff Reward from Dwarves ??? gp Probably going to Anis, needs to be ID’d
Hypnotic pattern scroll Looted from dwarf mage ??? gp Taken by Anis
Deep slumber Looted from dwarf mage ??? gp Taken by Anis
+1 dwarven war axes Taken from a dwarf berserker ??? gp Currently held by Refay
ring of wizardy 2 Dwarf mage ??? gp
200 platinum from galz 20,000 gp
Galz Scepter of Office wall of wind 5th level once per day if arcane spellcaster from galz ??? gp
hat of disguise from galz ??? gp taken by voke
4000 per person, 8000 to party fund.


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