Leveling Up

Every level, you must…

  1. If possible, increase one ability score. This can go into
    any ability score you choose. If your modifier changes,
    check your sheet and recalculate any formula using that
    modifier (skills, AC, AB, initiative, saving throws, spell DC,
    and max load).

  2. If possible, add one feat. Please check the prerequisites for
    the feat you’re taking.

  3. Calculate your base attack bonus (BAB). Check your class.

  4. Calculate your base save bonuses. Check your class.

  5. Calculate your additional hit points. Roll your hit die and
    add your CON modifier. Your minimum gain is one hit point.

  6. d4 Sorcerer, wizard
    d6 Bard, rogue
    d8 Cleric, druid, monk
    d10 Fighter, paladin, ranger
    d12 Barbarian

  7. Calculate your skill points. Your maximum rank in any skill
    is your level plus three. Cross-class skills can only have half
    this value.

  8. Add any new spells.

  9. Check for other bonuses related to your class.

At level…

  1. Gain a feat (humans gain an extra
    bonus feat). Multiply your starting
    skill points by four.
  2. Gain a feat.
  3. Gain one ability point.
  4. Gain a feat.
  5. Gain one ability point.
  6. Gain a feat.
  7. Gain a feat, and one ability point.
  8. Gain a feat.
  9. Gain one ability point.
  10. Gain a feat.
  11. Gain one ability point.


1. Bonus feat.
2. Bonus feat.
4. Bonus feat.
6. Bonus feat.
8. Bonus feat.
10. Bonus feat.
12. Bonus feat.
14. Bonus feat.
16. Bonus feat.
18. Bonus feat.
20. Bonus feat.

Rogues/Uta, Voke

10. Bonus feat.
13. Bonus feat.
16. Bonus feat.
19. Bonus feat.


5. Bonus feat.
10. Bonus feat.
15. Bonus feat.

Leveling Up

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