These are the ten playable Inspectors of the southwest Periad Inspector Contingent. These characters are those that will, through the course of their duty, uncover crime and complexity well beyond the scope of their original employment, and in so doing perhaps become the adventurers the world is missing. In addition to the public information available here, each character comes with a suite of three Destinies. If you see a character you like, remember that you can claim a character as yours at any time. I highly recommend that you check out all of them, though, even if you are only looking for a specific class or party role. It will help you understand the themes and motivations of your fellows on the long road out of Periad.

The Inspectors

Percival Leroux
Refay Shiel
Anis Shor
Lin Highmarch
Leonard Kallen
Ellie Tamaracks
Tanner Brelion
Evenria Goldwright
Uta Flint


The Eight Crimes of The Iconodules Zeral