Letters on Lucy’s Desk (Jan 13th)

“Luciva, I know you fritter away your life in the bottom of our districts, living as you always claimed to, for only smells and tastes, with the occasional bit of blood to appease that dwindling urge. I understand. It dwindled in all of us. Likely for the best while we work through this long wait. That life could be yours up here as well, there is opportunity enough for all that, but I do not write to lure you back to my employ. You are free, or as free as any of us are. My athame is unsullied by our transaction. I write so that you can know that the life you have built is threatened by betrayal.

One of us has given up on the dream. No longer is the vision of a united city in his eyes. I am sorry to say that it is Kelling. If there were ever a man more likely to rise as a Revenant I do not know him. You suspect, as you rightly should, and I will confirm, that I watch all of you. I am sorry, but we should be open with each other. I had not thought that duplicity would come from the paladin (that word is strange in this era, is it not?). He is, it is certain, our second rebel, without the bravery of the first to admit what he plans. Please, if you still wish to see this through, remove him from this equation. We will meet him again, I am sure, when all is said and done.

(The letter is unsigned.)"

“It’s not entirely out of my realm of comprehension to recognize that you are robbing me, cat. Damned if I know what you purchase with your gold, I suppose the only thought I can be spared is that at least some of it makes its way back to the feasthall. Mcrasin is having more than a few issues trying to sort out his own end of the chain. Apparently southwest Periad isn’t as obliging as Central. I may need you down there some time. Just send me a letter with some idea of the fee and I’ll give you names. As always.

-Vendel Shritez (The letter is dated about a day after the incident at the Wash Factory)."


I am glad you are not as stone-headed as your co-conspirators. We will find you another of your kind. Our influence is everywhere. There are promising leads among the Toad Court, strangely enough.


Letter given to us by Tychen (Jan 20, 2013)

“This information should be of interest to you, Tychen. We support you, even if we cannot do so openly.” -Stell

“Miss Gammond,

Food levels will remain where they are, as per standard distribution. They are sufficient to cover your Inspectors, whatever Contingent we should choose to assign there in the case of insurrection, and whatever businesses and individuals in each district that you can determine to be required for the well-being of the rest of The City (especially those that are providing tools or goods to Vale).

Divination to determine the number of individuals currently residing in Periad puts your current level of population somewhere between two to three hundred thousand. I’m sorry we can’t manage more specific figures, but the Researchers have been less and less useful for municipal tasks lately as they devote resources to their major projects. Projects that are required, at the very least, to keep this city intact.

I am not asking you, as I have told you a hundred times, to engage in any sort of population control. We have determined population controls of any sort to be unethical (or at least unenforceable and extremely dangerous to maintaining public sentiment). If you could, however, try to be diligent in hiring third parties to report the effects of population explosions (and whatever the population is doing of their own volition to mitigate them), I would appreciate that immensely. We’re looking for solutions that are outside of the box here. I realize the relative irony of that statement.

On a more personal note, to avoid all of our correspondence being completely goal-oriented, I have been in contact with Navion this week. It has been a great disappointment to us that you haven’t found the time to come visit. He threatened to come find you if things got much worse down there. Not in an aggressive intent-to-punish way, is my understanding. Rather in an offer to take you out of the district.

He is still quite infatuated. I know you will take offense to this, so I will add that I don’t understand that infatuation at all."

The letter is unsigned. Instead the symbol of a circle wreathed with what appears to be grape vines has been burned into the bottom. [Mr. Mintay’s arcane mark]

Writings from Hall of the Aniconists

As the Passings began, Jamali spoke unto her lieutenant, Ensidian. ‘Find those that do these deeds and scour them from my face. Do not bury them in the earth, but intead reduce them to ash and give them to the sky, that my brother may know he is avenged.’ But Ensidian was not as enduring as Jamali. The offers of the betrayers twisted her mind, and she entered into their service, teaching them the secret ways beneath the earth. This broke Jamali’s heart, for Ensidian was her greatest friend and confidant. In pieces, her heart was taken by the betrayers and put to use in their dread work. Herein lies but one piece, the Mitral, reclaimed by the Iconoclast, in all her wrath, and sealed, in all her wisdom.
“Jamali is the earth. Her fingers are the mountains, her blood the magma, her voice the avalanche, her skin the forests. Appease her with blood on spring fields and ash on the fallow. If you walk the mountains, kneel and speak her name before you begin, that she may guide you to where the stones are settled. If you work beneath her skin, build a shrine so that others know why you still live.”

Letter on Vethen’s desk, unsent (Mar 03, 2013)

“Warlord, I write because a strange thing has happened. You know that so long as the Kralethi are working here on the second gate, our allies in the Dandar’rak have wanted to observe. This is all well and good, but I had not thought their designs more complicated than curiosity (and trust me, I had investigated whether they sought the Gates for themselves). It turns out that they have allies of their own who are interested in the Gates, and though the Dandar stand to gain greatly if their allies can replicate this magical feat. I was asked to meet with these allies late in the night one day, as they prefer not to appear when most Kelashans are awake. To my surprise, I came face to face with a pair of young humans, whose faces were hidden beneath black, wooden masks. They told me many things of interest, though few are safe to share in this missive. They have asked to beĀ  part of our alliance, in the name of their leader, who they name Iconoclast. But first they claim to need help locating several things in the district, chiefly the same power that the Shavraythalai hoard, and the Dandar seek. It is good that we are part of these proceedings, lest they happen entirely in darkness.”


The Eight Crimes of The Iconodules Kirschrollen