The Eight Crimes of The Iconodules


Inspectors Flint, Shiel, Brelion, Kallen, Shor and Voke continued the investigation into Marach and his activities in southwest Periad.

After dealing with some of the minor crimes that arose during the Wash Factory raid, the Inspectors found themselves left with only one left to pursue. A citizen named Hatek claimed that something happening in Deals Mcrasin’s stockyard was killing his grass. Initially surprised that anyone still had a yard (no matter how unimpressive), Inspector Shiel took point, leaping the fence into Mcrasin’s stockyard and beginning to unearth the strange depression she had seen over the fence between the two lots. This caused a somewhat unexpected reaction from Deals, who immediately lit his own home on fire, gathered all his papers and attempted to flee the district. With the help of Kallen’s hound, the Inspectors were able to retrieve a locked scroll tube from Mcrasin before he fled into Central Periad. Realizing the man couldn’t be caught (he had taken one of his own horses), the Inspectors instead searched the underground stairway that Refay had discovered.

What they found seemed to be a sort of black market, a series of rooms for storage and sale of illegal materials, or at least things that were questionably obtained. Though the Inspectors were glad to retrieve many of the doors that had gone missing from homes in the district, they were upset by the presence of strange, animate slime throughout the small compound. Cutting their way through it, the Inspectors quickly discerned that the slime had been an illegal import from Dramanaks. Following protocol, they shut down the site and called in Researchers to secure it after extracting some of the food recovered from the Wash Factory Raid.

Resolving to hunt down Mcrasin later, the Inspectors realized they would need to deal with the rogue idol Marach sooner rather than later. Investigating the residential building known as Hosteltwin, Inspector Voke found goblins associated with Marach’s cult using a sewer entry at the back of the building as an entry, presumably to Marach’s lair. Interrogating one of Marach’s followers gleaned new insight into the behavior of the Idol, including the existence of ‘special’ goblins. Rallying themselves the next day, the Inspectors found a sealed section of the sewer, unused for years. In it, they confronted filth, rats and an inconvenient sluice gate in order to access the deeper warrens that were home to Marach’s cult.

Pushing into the cult’s lair, the Inspectors found that Marach was using the corpses of his own followers to create toothy, undead abominations with unhinged, toothy mouths. Merely tagging that onto the list of crimes to kill the Idol for, the Inspectors pushed through cultists and abominations like to reach Marach’s own chambers. There they found evidence of correspondence with someone in Central Periad as well as proof of Marach’s involvement in the Wash Factory raid. So armed, the Inspectors called in Lin and confronted Marach, who in true Idol fashion refused to yield and did everything in his power to prevent the Inspectors from ruining his vision of a society where the famished are the most holy.

He did not succeed.

Rewarded by Central, the Inspectors regrouped in order to relish a brief peace in their own corner of the district. There’s reason enough to keep moving, though. Mcrasin fled into Central Periad, and the individual known as Galin, who informed Marach about Wash Factory, is technically accomplice to a massive crime. With their jurisdiction extended to include Central Periad, the Inspectors prepare for their next moves, now working directly with Inspector-General Gammond.


The splendor of Brise had never completely worn off for Vellius. He had been in the upper city for years, and it still glittered right up to the stark walls that rose between districts. There was still reason to stop on balconies like this one and look out over the clean tiles of the roofs and smooth stone of the streets, watching feathered things go about their business in the air. Creatures that would have been lost to the world if not for the sanctuary of the mountains.

It was not in his power to linger, though. The city outside still had to be managed. Vellius remembered his oath. Take the power, minimize the suffering of others. This was not to say that with power came the experience required for logistics, economics and strategy. Those Vellius had to learn from his Master.

It was not entirely clear who the Master was in the city. He had a home, really more like a palace (but weren’t they all up here?), and was clearly some sort of mage, but Vellius’ master was no researcher. He was more like…an economist. A strategist? A municipal planner? The old man did all these things, though Vellius would be first to admit he was, perhaps, not that old. Only a bit of grey. Ageless in the time that Vellius had known him. Five years and the man hadn’t shrunk a bit with the rigors of his age. Bravery did not come hand in hand with the thought of asking his Master his age, so Vellius let well enough alone. Vellius worked diligently. He learned magic, he learned civics. What else was there in the world that could help the people below? Who else was there? If Vellius was ever uncertain, The Master always had a plan.

So Vellius offered his folder of notes on the lower district wordlessly. The important parts were circled, but as his master took it, Vellius had the sudden suspicion that he read everything anyway. Somehow.

“Not good. Are the statistics accurate?” the master asked, dropping the papers on his desk and glaring down at them as though they had offended.

“There is a Researcher in the district, he checked the levels himself. All accurate, to within five points, as always.”

“So even on generous assessment, Periad is at thirty percent. They’ll last three weeks if Vale doesn’t maintain its current output. Where did it all go?”

“Agents suspect Aniconist activity. Most of the material was reclaimed, actually, but it doesn’t matter. Stockpiles are insufficient across the entire district. If I had to guess, they’re in the bureaucracy. We didn’t even notice the shortages because records have been altered back to the beginning of last year. Rast only figured it out when they cross-checked with their own supply. These people are going to starve, Master.”

“They are not. We didn’t design this system to fail. This is just one of the fail-safes giving us a bit of trouble, there’s no systemic failure. When under-vale is finished, we can recoup these.”

“There’s no time. With the population increase-”

“The population is in flux. There are checks in place.”

“…checks on the population?” Vellius hesitated. That’s strange. Other than space, disease and food, the population had seen steady growth for all five years that he had access to records. He gave the benefit of the doubt, though. “Intentional ones?”

“Not if we had our way. The cults seem to be grinding through converts briskly enough. The Aniconists will surely raze something this week. We can’t keep a lid on it all. Strife brings things under control long before we hit any sort of population cap.” the Master explained. It was an upsetting explanation. In theory, Vellius knew better than to ask.

But he still asked. He remembered his oath.

“We can’t ignore problems just because it creates convenient caps on our other problems.”

“Alternatives, Vel?” The master used his name. Vellius had his attention, and was suddenly terrified.

“If we fix the cults and-…”

“It comes down to seeing how many we can save with the resources we have. We could divert everything from under-vale to hunting down Idols. We tried that ages ago. They can’t be eliminated. They’re endemic.”

“Why? Have we researched why?”

The Master’s hands lowered to his desk, leaning forward to stare, not at the papers this time, but at the wall. Unable to see his face, Vellius could only imagine the glower he was giving it. “That’s enough for now, Vellius. Be back here tomorrow morning.”

Vellius bowed. “Yes, Master Mintay.”

The Wash Factory
Wherein Inspectors are found to be an efficient sort of public servant.

The Periad Inspectors are roused to the defense of the Wash Factory, a large local business that has been taken under the control of armed men. Inspectors Leroux, Flint, Brelion, Kallen, Shor and Highmarch are summoned to the scene by the factory workers, who fled the building when the attack began. Brief assessment leads the Inspectors to avoid the fortified showroom at the front of the Factory and make their way inside by using the alleys along the side of the building. Meeting briefly in violence with a small gang of posted guards there, the Inspectors learn that there are perhaps twenty to twenty-five men involved in this incident, and at least one of the missing workers has been taken hostage. This crime of the highest order frees the Inspectors to act as they see fit.

With Leroux and Brelion on point, supplemented by the two mages, Flint and Kallen, the Inspectors began to systematically clear the Wash Factory, intent on rescuing whoever was still inside and finding the source of this disturbance. Once inside, evidence seemed to indicate that someone had been removing something heavy from the factory itself. Further investigation reveals that a hole has been torn between the factory and an adjacent building. Focusing on rescuing hostages instead of investigating theft, the Inspectors confronted Boro, the leader of the gang that had assaulted the factory. Hoping to interrogate him, the man proved too dangerous and had to be rendered unconscious. Boro only revealed that he was only hired as security, not directly responsible for the theft taking place below. Regardless, as he was guilty of murder and holding a citizen against their will, Boro was left unconscious on the floor of the Factory, his fate uncertain. Investigating the records of the Factory’s offices, Anis Shor discovered that the owner of the offices, a now-deceased man named Lorintz, was engaged in activity that lead to considerable, unexplained secondary income. Another mystery added to their pile.

The factory itself secured, the Inspectors moved on to investigate the theft and creation of a tunnel between the factory and the adjacent warehouse. The warehouse, they rapidly realized, was part of Periad’s long-term food storage, holding grain and dry food for emergencies. Strange, robed goblins assaulted the Inspectors when they were confronted in the warehouse, and there was only the hint of copper rings left when dust cleared from the ambush. The Inspectors had multiple capital crimes on their hands, and only the name “Marach” to tie them to.

Investigation proceeded apace when the Inspectors had secured the buildings again and had rested. Their normal contact point in the Eight Hand Hall, a man named Veld, offered very little other than that Marach seemed to be involved in some extortion on the highly commercial Master’s Street in the district. The Inspectors briefly split to investigate all their leads.

Inspectors Leroux, Flint and Kallen investigated Master’s Street directly, looking for individuals willing to confess to being extorted, but found very few willing to talk. Eventually, Inspector Flint spoke with an Avadeen native who claimed that Marach was indeed looking for payment from Periad businesses in exchange for protection, but the payments were so minor that none of those involved were willing to upset a relatively sedate arrangement.

Lin Highmarch lead Brelion and Shor to discover from further investigation of the Factory’s offices that a man named Deals Mcrasin was likely tied to Lorintz’ sordid business. Deals, when confronted, was not helpful. Highmarch, through some minor duplicity, managed to track down the source of the copper rings, according to a local bugbear. A large mansion, along the strange Orz street, was home to an alchemist named Leix who could also be tied to Deals.

Leix, revealed to be a succesful alchemist and business-entity, as well as a yuan-ti halfblood, was found to be the most forthcoming of those the Inspectors interrogated. She readily admitted that Marach was involved in extortion, and that she employed no small number of his followers. ‘Cultists’ turned out to be the more accurate word, as Marach was revealed to be an Idol by the yuan-ti. She explained that Marach would likely be looking to expand, and like all Idols, probably operated from a position of relative comfort in a high-population area where an Idol’s enthralling aura can be put to the greatest use. Taking this information, she pointed them to the Middenway, the high-density residential street in Southwest Periad. There the Inspectors hoped to find Marach, their missing food, and some answers.


Our first game will be at 4:00 PM EST today, the 23rd of December. It should last from six to eight hours. That is not an exaggeration. I think at least one of you hasn’t played DnD in a while. There are some things you can do to get ready.

First, familiarize yourself with this wiki. Herein is contained information about the setting, the themes and the characters contained within the game. Though none of those are comprehensive, and you can have the wiki open during the game, it helps to not be scrambling when the NPCs offhandedly mention other districts of The City and the like.

Second, get an account on Roll20 it’s not a complicated process and is vital to playing the game. We’ll take some time to familiarize you with the actual roll20 systems before we get rolling, but it will be a crash course. I am not familiar with all of Roll20, neither are you. It will be a learning experience. Steel yourself for that.

Third, your character sheets will be going up on Obsidian Portal tomorrow. You can watch over the course of the day or just try to check it out just before the game starts. I will be trying to flag them all for players to edit, meaning you can come on this wiki and wildly change your character whenever you feel like it. Of course, none of you will do this. Because you’re good players. Also because you know full well I’ll notice what with the encyclopedic tabs that I keep on everything in the game. Try to look over the characters you think you might be playing. Destinies remain secret, as always, until selections are locked in.

Wherein an elf confronts a question.

Percival Leroux stood watch on the corner of Laeri Avenue and Tulio Road. He actually quite enjoyed standing watch. It was relaxing. This was by far the easiest of the four Watch Posts as well, situated as it was directly across from the Inspectors’ Garrison. Percival would shine his armor in the garrison, step smartly onto the street, and stand opposite the guard house on the far side of the street. He was nearly a statue there, for the four hours of Watch, his posture and stoicism giving shine to the tip of the long spear he held in one hand. Percival had found if he unfocused his eyes just right, he could look down both Laeri and Tulio simultaneously. Evenria had caught him doing exactly that less than a week ago, though, and pointed out that he looked like a cross-eyed madman rather than the regal statue he normally was. So Percival resigned himself to slowly turning his head at regular intervals of five minutes, which he counted off in his head. Down at the end of Laeri he could just barely see the cracked archway that lead to the long alley that bisected the district, known as Orz Way. Percival was quite glad to have sight of it, as nothing good ever came out of Orz.

As Captain of the Inspectors, Percival did not actually have to stand Watch with any great frequency. It was perhaps unfortunate, because he was easily the only one that actually enjoyed the duty. It gave him time to think, and so he did. Percival was, despite the slight mist filling Periad at this hour, more than content to lose himself in memories, only awakened to watch suspicious movement in the pedestrians (who would risk something this close to the garrison anyway?). Such peaceful reflection was not to be his, however, and before long Tanner had come to stand beside him. “Captain.” was all the human offered.

Percival gave him the customary ten seconds of uncertainty before responding. “Inspector.”

“I had a mind to ask you a question. I thought to get your opinion on something.” Tanner was not in his armor. Percival recalled on the schedule he was free at the moment, as free as any of them ever were. So he was asking on his own time. Percival wondered briefly if the boy was dependent or merely intently professional.


“What happened to the rest of the elves?”

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