The Eight Crimes of The Iconodules


Fresh off their victory over Marach in their own corner of Periad, the Southwest Inspectors Contingent was quickly drafted into the direct service of Inspector-General Gammond. They barely had time to even finish their own investigation into the Idol that was working with Marach, revealed to be a woman named Galin. Though confessing to everything the Inspectors accused her of, including aiding Marach by divulging the location of one of the district’s food stores, the Idol was not combative. In fact, she seemed ready to accept whatever punishment the Inspectors thought appropriate. Faced with such a calm opponent, the Inspectors backed down with little real investigation into the enigma or her motives.

Gammond, however, had a task that she suspected the Inspectors would handle much better. A man named Vendel Shritez in the district owned a feasthall, apparently the center of some amount of food smuggling and a considerable amount of illegal activity, at least according to Gammond. On the pretense of seeking curfew-breakers, Inspectors Leroux, Kallen, Shiel, Shor, Voke and Flint were told to enter the Feasthall and clear it of anyone that resisted, all the while searching for evidence of illegal activity to justify the raid itself.

The Inspectors agreed instantly. Maybe it was because Leroux was absent when they accepted the assignment. They complied to the letter.

Arriving at dusk, the Inspectors entered the Feasthall by the front door after marking armed targets inside. Their initial order for citizens inside to retreat to their own residences was met with violence from some of the employees of the establishment, and nearly a dozen men lay dead by the end of the confrontation. They immediately began marking infractions, such as wood-burning and weapon possession, to use as evidence.

The Inspectors’ attempt to take the second floor of the building was met with ambush, lead unexpectedly by the Criminal Boro, who had sequestered himself with a hostage in one corner of the floor. Fighting through the ambush, the Inspectors made absolutely no attempt to negotiate for the safety of the hostage, unwilling to compromise the principle of killing anyone and everyone that stands against them. As the physical incarnation of this principle, Inspector Shiel ended up hurling Boro out of a window, narrowly rescuing the hostage through the brutal, unexpected action. Boro, in his tenacious way, managed to survive the fall from the second floor, limping off into the dark streets of Periad. Inspector Leroux ordered two of the Central Periad Inspectors to escort the hostage somewhere safe.

The building mostly secured, there was only the third, and smallest, floor left to secure. There, they found Deals Mcrasin consorting with Vendel Shritez himself, as well as a series of Shritez’ bodyguards and a strange Third Party . Vendel took the opportunity to tell Mcrasin to clean up his mess, while retreating to the roof with his cohort. Splitting the party, Inspectors Flint, Leroux, Shor and Voke stood down Mcrasin and his guards while Kallen and Shiel chased after Vendel on the roof. Unfortunately, with a pair of powerfully built wrestlers among Mcrasin’s thugs, it seemed that there was little hope for the fight in Vendel’s office.

Meanwhile, on the roof, Kallen and Refay tried to engage Vendel and his cohort in combat, but the black Rakshasa had no time nor inclination to tolerate their attacks. She seemed unaffected by Kallen’s bolts and only Refay’s prodigious rage managed to draw a thin line of blood on her face. In frustration at being wounded, she hurled Refay through the roof, and later, off of it. Kallen, exercising discretion, merely fired one of his anise-scented oil bolts into the undefended Vendel and resolved to hunt him later.

With Kallen’s reintroduction to the fight in the offices, along with prodigious performances from all the Inspectors there, they managed to turn around their confrontation with Mcrasin, but in the desperation of the encounter, Inspector Flint managed to kill the man. In an attempt to apprehend Vendel, the Inspectors rushed to the roof in time to see their quarry escape on a giant owl. Brief thoughts of pursuit were crushed by the onset of night.

Though Mcrasin was criminal, losing a valuable source of information was a considerable loss to the Inspectors, a thorough search of the room managed to recoup that loss fairly well. The party found themselves with access to some of Vendel’s personal papers, identifying three leads that could lead them to the man.

He seems to be in a racket with two organizations. One is a political group lead by someone branding themselves a rebel, named “Tychen”, who seems to be operating out of Northeast Periad. The second, who is ordering him to aid Tychen, is someone named “Stell”. With this three-strong ring of conspirators, it seems Periad is in more trouble than it originally believed. The most solid lead available is the reference to a tunnel under the Coarse block, a portion of Central Periad known for mass production and waste issues.

Finally, the Inspectors were recalled briefly to deal with a body found in their own district. The corpse belonging to someone that Percival knew too well.



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