The Eight Crimes of The Iconodules

Aviary and Armory

After the confrontation at the Vendel Feasthall, the Inspectors were left with several threads to follow. In an effort to do so, Inspectors Kallen, Voke, Highmarch and Shiel chose to pursue the strange Rakshasa who had confronted them atop the Feasthall. Recognizing that a giant owl was relatively difficult to hide, the Inspectors took little time to find the aviary in Central Periad that she was using as a base of operations. Intend on finding more about their quarry, the Inspectors worked through several floors of the tower-like Aviary. They found tapestries depicting some other world or time, a great collection of brass spires and open skies. They found immaculate, obsessively crafted leather-working for saddles and armor. It was on the third floor of the tower, however, that the Inspectors learned from a riddle posed by the tower’s owner that she knew something about the world before The Edge. The picture that emerged from their investigation was incomplete. Here was a creature that killed. An assassin whose legacy was ostensibly ancient, but whose purpose was unknown. She rarely slept, kept brisk correspondence with third parties and possessed (but rarely used) great wealth. After a brief altercation with the Rakshasa’s massive mount, the Inspectors learned from her correspondence that she is privy to more than a few of the illegal activities in the district. Finding her would prove to be a valuable but difficult priority, as the creature’s meticulous nature left few hints as to her whereabouts.

What it did leave, however, was some indication as to where Vendel Shritez’ massive smuggling operation was taking place. Choosing to abandon the Aviary for the moment, the Inspectors brought in reinforcements in the form of Inspectors Flint and Tamaracks and made to confront Vendel at his warehouse in the Coarse Block of Central Periad. With a brilliant infiltration by Inspector Voke, they managed to quickly subdue the criminal workers in the warehouse, revealing a stockpile of weapons meant for sale to a man named Tychen. Adding ownership of a private jail (an incomprehensibly illegal action) to the list of Vendel’s crimes and liberating the Kelasho-born halfling known as Vee in the process, the Inspectors finally confronted the man themselves. Making some effort to negotiate (though a half-hearted one), the Inspectors learned that Vendel was merely operating on threats (or orders) from a third party, revealed to be an Aniconist sect. With Voke understandably incensed, the party subdued Vendel and made to chase the Aniconists that were in the building, but were inconvenienced by the sudden collapse of the tunnel the criminals were using to transport goods under the district.

Seperated from their quarry once again, the Inspectors were at least partially comforted by their capture of Vendel Shritez and the opportunity to interrogate him.



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